Bhindi Masala

Bhindi Masala


Recipe of Masala Bhindi

Bhindi masala is a famous north Indian main-course dish. It includes half fried bhindi (lady finger) with onions, tomatoes and lovely Indian spices. Bhindi masala recipe is quite a popular dish and is served in many restaurants. Lady finger is known as "Bhindi" in Hindi and “Masala” here refers to spices and herbs which you mix with onions and tomatoes with some ginger & garlic. You can make this recipe for bhindi masala in two ways. One is the gravy version of this dish. And the other one is the semi-dry version. Here, you will see the semi-dry recipe of bhindi masala. Moreover, it is one of the perfect season dish you can have with your family and guests. You can serve this bhindi ki sabji with paratha, chapati, rumali roti, naan and rice. Try it with some lentil in curry form with this bhindi sabji. You can also pack it for a tiffin box or lunch box with roti or paratha. As for conclusion, you can serve it as a side with any North Indian meal.

Is Okra a Superfood?

Yes, okra is a superfood with a lot of health benefits. Okra is low in calories and is full of nutrients therefore it might promote weight loss. Ladyfinger contains vitamin C which helps to make good immunity. It is also rich in vitamin K which helps in clotting of blood. Further, it has vitamin A, and it is also rich in calcium as well as magnesium. Moreover, it contains many antioxidants which may prevent inflammation and it also contains polyphenols that may be good for heart and brain health. You can also check out one more of my green recipes such as cholai ka saag. So go ahead and try an innovative and healthy way to add this typical Indian bhindi ki sabzi into your meal.


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This is a very nice recipe. Thanks for sharing

January 8, 2023


There are many steps, and I don't know if the order is important. I finished it after reading it all and allocated the time to finish it, it tasted great,

January 8, 2023

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