Kala Chana Soup

Kala Chana Soup


Recipe for Chickpea Soup

Kala Chana or Black Chickpea soup is one of the most delicious soup. It will not just please your taste but will also give you warmness to your body. It is actually one of the best winter soup that you can try. Also it is quite easy to make. Most of us knows about chane ki sabzi. But having chana in the form of a soup is really interesting. It is one of the most flavorful soup that I have tried. Because you make it from black chickpea that is why it is super healthy for you. You will find it's flavors deep and awesome. People always ask "Is chana soup good for weight loss?" And my answer to them is, "Yes, they are perfect for weight loss & boosting your energy. Not just you but your kids would love it too. I this is a very nice way to eat black chana if you don't like them in other forms. People who want to keep themselves in good shape and health should definitely try this Chickpea Soup. Black chickpeas contain a good amount of fiber and protein. You can check out my kashmiri rajma recipe, it is full of protein too. They are a rich source of iron and contains low fat content that helps in weight loss too. Further it helps in maintaining your hemoglobin level. Kale chane also have sodium and carbohydrates in them. It can help in digestion, prevents liver enlargement. Benefits of chickpea also includes prevention of mouth ulcers and its great for boosting immunity. It will be really good and beneficial if you add Black Chickpeas in your diet. Try to consume black chane once or twice a week to keep up your good health. Let's learn how to make this lovely soup!


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