Methi Puri

Methi Puri


What is Methi Puri?

Methi puri is a crispy & deep fried Indian bread or tortilla which tastes very good. It can work as a tea time snack or as a breakfast. Do you know why we call it a methi puri? Well, that is because it's main ingredient is methi or fenugreek in english. You can easily find people enjoying it in festival seasons of diwali or holi. Methi ki puri tastes even more good when you make it with makki ka atta (maize flour) & boiled potatoes. Methi poori is a unique snack having a combo of savory and bitter taste. It is totally up to you either you want to make a flat puri or a puffed one. You can have methi puri recipe in breakfast with curd/yogurt, tea and chutney.

About This Recipe

Here you'll see that I made it with maize flour to make it a bit more healthy. You can also make it with wheat flour or all purpose flour. Then I put in some fresh fenugreek leaves. You can use kasuri methi in place of it too. Methi leaves or fenugreek leaves are used to make many Indian dishes. This special one is a very enjoyable dish. You might have heard about other dishes of Fenugreek but here, this one is totally different. These methi leaves are very good for health and therefore you should include them in your diet. Fenugreek is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium which will make your bones strong, maintains blood sugar level and controls diabetes. It also helps in better digestion and is very good for heart. Methi is a nice herb which will help you in many aspects. You can check out my methi matar malai recipe too. So let's learn how to make these yummy and crispy Methi Makki ki puri!


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