Steamed Corn Cake

Steamed Corn Cake


Corn cake is a corn bread which you can bake in a pan or oven. The main ingredient here is the corn (maize). These are a staple in Brazilian dishes in their winter festivals. It is a quite interesting recipe of a cake when you are feeling bored or want to make something unique. Generally, the ingredients to make it includes fubá (cornmeal), milk, coconut milk, corn kernels and sugar. Here, you will be seeing my version with corns, semolina flour and grated coconut. it is a moist and flavor-rich cake. We all love cakes very much and the children too are very fond of it, but we also know that cakes are a little unhealthy as they are made from fine flour or all-purpose flour. But do you know cakes can be healthy as well. So here you get a steamed cake made with corn and semolina. And this cake tastes so delicious! For the recipe, I have used raw coconut, milk and some tapioca flour too. Steamed corn cake needs just a few handful of ingredients. It is super duper easy to make and while making this cake, you won't be able to control yourself. It gives such a sweet and pleasant smell which is quite hard to resist. Also, it is up to you what cake texture you want to keep. You can make it absolute smooth, or you can do it like me, keep some chunks of corn for a rough texture,

Cornbread or Corn cake?

Cornbread is a type of bread which you make from cornmeal. It can be sweet as well as savory and is typically. People serve it as a side dish with soup, stew, or chili. It is a part of Native American cuisine. Corn cake is much sweeter than cornbread, while they might have similar textures. Basically, it is any type of cake that you make with corn, including flat pancakes and full sheet cakes.


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