Tomato Bonda

Tomato Bonda


Bonda which is also known as bajji is a very popular street food of South India. You can always find it in states like Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. In short bonda is a type of vada and it comes is different varieties. The tomato bonda recipe is such a tempting recipe that after knownig the process, you will definitely try it.

What are the types of bonda?

There are so many types of bonda's that never bores us. For example there is bread bonda, aloo bonda, punugulu, mangalore bonda, mysore bonda. Also you can eat mirchi bajji and kanda bajji. You can consider vada as a bajji recipe too. And one of them is tomato bonda. You can also call it as tomato bajji.

Tomato Bonda

This recipe for bajji is quite interesting. That is because you pack inside a potato filling with a big slice of tomato. And that is what makes this tomato vada so interesting. They are slightly crunchy from outside  and soft from the inside. Children love this dish and I'm sure you are going to love it too. It is very easy to make as all the ingredients are readily available in your kitchen. People love to eat this bonda recipe in rainy season with a cup of tea or coffee. It is a deep fried fritter in shape of a ball. You can serve it with coriander chutney, tomato ketchup and masala tea. It is actually very similar to the Maharashtra's Batata Vada but this one is a Southern version of it. As we are talking about fritters, you can check out my zucchini fritter recipe too. You really should try it! Let me tell you how to make this tomato stuffed aloo bonda


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