Tosha Sweet

Can't imagine an Indian festival without a sweet. Right? If you're searching for an easy and a delicious sweet then you are at the right place. Here is a delightful recipe for you which needs simple ingredients with less efforts. So gaze upon the Sindhi sweet Tosha! An absolute wonder of delicacies. This is a very easy, quick and delicious sweet which can be stored for many days in an air tightened box, kept in a cool and dry place. Tosha tastes almost like badusha (aka balushahi), but the shape is a bit different it. Some people make tosha sweets in different shapes like cylindrical or cuboidal. You can also buy on Amazon by clicking here.

What is Tosha sweet?

Tosha Sweet is a 100 years old recipe from Fazilka, Punjab. It is also one of the most famous sweet in Sindh prant of Pakistan. We make sweet by frying the mixture of Paneer (Indian ricotta cheese) and flour. Then it goes to the the most amazing part which is dipping the pieces in a pan of sugar syrup. See there is nothing hard. It is very easy and just needs some frying. It is such a delicious dessert that if eaten once in your life you'll definitely ask for it again. The main ingredient that is cheese is the thing that makes it's flavor to the top level. This tosha sweet from Fazilka will make your mouth water and it's quite obsessive. It looks and tastes a bit like Indian Gulab Jamun too but maybe even better than that. You should really try this one for at least once in your life. It can be prepared on special events like any occasion or a festival. It's gonna work greatly on festivals like Diwali, Holi or Ganesh Chaturthi. Everyone loves it, even the kids and the elders too! It gives such an unforgettable experience while you eat this. You can check out my peanut butter which is also tasty. So, let's see how to make Tosha!


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